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The AXA Health Tech & You Awards exists to promote the smart people who dare to dream. We’re here to support the visionaries who are shaping the future of health technology right now, and transforming people’s lives.

We’re delighted to share with you our previous finalists from the last 3 years of our Awards programme.Each one is truly amazing and often there is personal reason behind why the health tech has been developed – perhaps a desire to get fitter or a family member with a condition.

Please take a look at what we have discovered.

Award Categories 2018

Women Entrepreneurs in Health Tech

Only 9% of investment into UK start-ups goes to a business with a female founder. We want to change that and shift the balance to support female entrepreneurs and raise awareness of the incredible innovations women are making in the health tech sector.

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Innovation in the early diagnosis of Dementia

Dementia is the only condition in the top 10 causes of death without a treatment to prevent, cure or slow its progression. It is a degenerative brain condition, cause by a number of progressive diseases, most commonly Alzheimer’s. We want to find a solution to support early diagnosis of symptoms and related diseases.

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