Excellence Category

Are you an entrepreneur with an established business (generating revenue up to £5 million) already offering trusted solutions to help people keep healthy or manage a condition? Have you reached a point where you have a solid evidence base behind your product or service but just need that extra boost to take it to a large customer base, scale it up or go global?

This category is looking for entrepreneurs with persistence - those who have successfully collaborated with multiple partners, navigated often complex regulatory issues, broken siloed thinking and/or focussed relentlessly on customer experience, and above all - showed the steely resilience and passionate determination to bring a credible solution that consumers can trust to market.

To enter, you will need...

  1. A description of your innovation and how it stands out from others in the marketplace, what makes it 'excellent‘.

  2. A 1 – 2 minute video on the evolution of the business and the proposition, how you navigated hurdles along the way,  and why you want to apply.

The Criteria for this category include:

  1. Must be established business with posted revenues, ready to scale and/or enter global market.

  2. Revenues less than £5 million in the year 2017.

  3. Must reflect core values – especially relating to evidence base and ability to scale.

Thank you to those who have entered our ‘Excellence Category’. Unfortunately this category is now closed but stay tuned for finalist announcements in the next few months.

If you have any questions or wish to speak to us, please contact our team via our Twitter page

Excellence Judging Criteria

We want to be completely transparent in our assessment process so here are further tips to help you in your application.

Our first step is to screen entries.  Ask yourself, will your innovation ‘pass’ these three criteria:

  1. Is your innovation consumer focused? Will it help individuals better manage their own health or that of their family?  
  2. Does your innovation have a minimum level of evidence (Eg clinical trial data, user research, pilot studies) to show it works? 
  3. Are you an established business? Do you have posted revenues (up to £5 million in the year 2017)? Are you ready to scale and/or enter the global market?

If you pass this stage, your innovation will be assessed in the shortlisting process, which includes the following criteria:

  1. Quality of human-centredness. Does the innovation address an articulated problem? Does the innovation demonstrate a good understanding of the target audience?  Can it be described as ‘life enhancing’?
  2. Extent of Inclusion. Does the innovation embrace health equality and diversity across geographical social and economic lines? What’s the social impact of the innovation? Will it help people at an individual and community level and at a wider societal level?
  3. Level of transparency and evidence. Is it clear what the solution does and how it works? Does the business have robust evidence that it works? Does the entrepreneur demonstrate an understanding of applicable regulations?
  4. Trust & trustworthiness. Is the business and the entrepreneur able to build and maintain trust with the users?  Does the business reflect values of honesty and integrity? 
  5. Scalability. Is the business scalable?  Can it break into international markets? Is the business sustainable, offering a long-term solution?
  6. Novelty and boldness of innovation. Is this a great innovation?  Is it bold and transformative? Is it genuinely better than other innovations?  Is the idea original, does it break boundaries and change expectations of what we can all do to take charge of our health and wellbeing?
  7. User design. Does it excel in user design?

Good luck!

Previous Finalists

We’re delighted to share with you our previous finalists from the last 3 years of our Awards programme. Each one is truly amazing and often there is personal reason behind why the health tech has been developed – perhaps a desire to get fitter or a family member with a condition.

Health Tech Stories

We’re here to promote the people who dare to dream. Innovations in health technology are transforming the way we care for our minds and bodies. That’s why AXA is driven to discover and support the inventors of the future with the Health Tech & You Awards.