Mental Health In Children Challenge

Mental health problems often start from a young age: 1 in 10 children aged 5-16 years old have a clinically diagnosable problem that could include conduct disorders; emotional issues such as anxiety and depression; autism spectrum disorders and others (Green et al., 2004). Timely and appropriate interventions are essential for ensuring the best possible outcomes, including the formation of a healthy adult life. Young people who do not receive help will often carry their symptoms for many years, severely affecting their wellbeing and ability to work and support themselves as adults (Goodman et al, 2011). However, with the NHS and relevant charities under strain, there is a lack of services and appropriate support for children and families; creating a need for proven and easily accessible solutions around the country.  

AXA are looking for a broad range of solutions that can support children and/or their parents in understanding and managing mental health. The solution can focus on any mental health problem and part of the journey from pre-diagnosis to treatment but must be able to offer solid scientific evidence of efficacy.

We are working with The Bakery, an innovation accelerator, for this challenge. If you would like more information or you have an innovation that you think solves this, then enter your details here with The Bakery.

Thank you to those who have entered our Mental Health in Children Challenge. This challenge is now closed and the finalists and winners have been announced.

Previous Finalists

We’re delighted to share with you our previous finalists from the last 3 years of our Awards programme. Each one is truly amazing and often there is personal reason behind why the health tech has been developed – perhaps a desire to get fitter or a family member with a condition.

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