Mobility and Accessibility

The Challenge

AXA’s Heath Tech & You Awards are working with Saga to find exciting and innovative companies that can help their customers to pursue their passions. Whether this be travelling the world, undertaking a new pursuit or even just improving daily activities, Saga see an opportunity to leverage technology to help make their customers’ lives even better. 

As people are living longer than ever before, mobility and accessibility are instrumental in ensuring that everyone can enjoy more years in greater health and wellbeing. Technology has played an important role in fostering greater physical and social connectivity, helping many to stay in touch with their loved ones and explore the world around them. In fact, 55-64-year-olds are already purchasing household goods and making travel arrangements online more than 16-24-year-olds. To build on this trend and address a more diverse range of needs within their customer base, Saga are now looking for new solutions that can equip people with the tools to pursue their goals. 

The solution can focus on any aspect of a person’s life but must be able to demonstrate how it could make a big impact on the health and wellbeing of Saga’s customers.


Areas Of Interest

  1. Tech-based solutions that can empower customers to pursue their passions and goals.
  2. Technology solutions that can help people to perform daily activities.
  3. Tech-based mental health companies with experience working with an over-50 demographic

If you have a health tech innovation that solves this challenge, then please enter your details by clicking on the link below and place your entry