Sleep Tech Challenge

A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. As many as 1 in 5 people sleep poorly most nights, making poor sleep the second most common health complaint after pain (Royal Society for Public Health, 2016). The problem is not just tiredness. Bad sleeping habits are associated with a number of health and wellbeing issues: chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer and depression; reduced life expectancy and quality of life; and cognitive impairments, such as a diminished ability to learn, form memories and be creative. Whilst there has been a wave of gadgets and apps to track sleep, they often don’t address the core issue and leave people feeling unsupported as to how they can improve it.

Therefore, AXA are looking for affordable solutions that are proven to change behaviour and deliver better sleeping patterns in everyday life. As sleep behaviour is associated with many aspects of lifestyle such as nutrition, exercise and stress, a flexible and adaptive approach to collaboration with other solutions is important. The technology can focus on any sleeping issue/disorder but must be able to offer scientific evidence to back-up any claims about the solution and give progress feedback to the user.

We are working with The Bakery, an innovation accelerator, for this challenge.

Thank you to those who entered our Sleep Tech Challenge. This challenge is now closed and the finalists and winners have been announced.

Previous Finalists

We’re delighted to share with you our previous finalists from the last 3 years of our Awards programme. Each one is truly amazing and often there is personal reason behind why the health tech has been developed – perhaps a desire to get fitter or a family member with a condition.

Health Tech Stories

We’re here to promote the people who dare to dream. Innovations in health technology are transforming the way we care for our minds and bodies. That’s why AXA is driven to discover and support the inventors of the future with the Health Tech & You Awards.