Excellence Award

2 April 2019

This Excellence category focusses on later stage businesses with standalone solutions to help citizens take charge of their health and wellbeing, as well as smart applications that enrich the relationship between people and their carers (whether health professionals, friends or family).

It’s been shaped through the advice of our Expert Working Group who are underpinned by Core Values, embracing human-centredness, inclusivity, transparency and trustworthiness.

We were looking for entrepreneurs with persistence - those who have successfully collaborated with multiple partners, navigated often complex regulatory issues, broken siloed thinking and/ord focussed relentlessly on customer experience, and above all - showed the steely resilience and passionate determination to bring a credible solution that consumers can trust to market.

Untire app - With the Untire app we help cancer patients and survivors to beat fatigue and regain life.

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF) is the #1 side effect of cancer and its treatments. Around 30-40% of all cancer patients and survivors suffer from severe and long-term fatigue. Untire is an app, a digital medicine, to help fatigued cancer patients and survivors improve their energy and regain their life. The program helps individuals to stay physically and mentally active by understanding factors that causes fatigue and providing daily information, activities and exercises to increase energy levels. Users feel acknowledged, resume self-control and report an increase of happiness and quality-of-life. The Untire app is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Lechal - Risk and fear of falling increases substantially among people aged 60 and above. Reducing mobility and slow or inconsistent gait causes people to reduce walking activity, which in turn results in further gait problems to the point that it becomes a vicious cycle. Lechal is a wearable footwear product by Ducere Technologies, India, aimed at reducing fall risk & increasing physical activity among seniors. It is a smart insole with advanced gait and balance measurement capabilities and connects via Bluetooth with a mobile app.

This product revolutionizes the elderly healthcare sector by making the clinical mobility, gait and balance assessments insole assisted & accessible at home, through its capability to maintain accuracy comparable to the Gold standard clinical devices. Post-assessment the app suggests customized 6-month home exercise program that helps improve mobility, strength, balance and endurance thereby helping reduce the risk of falling

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DNAFit - In 2013, DNAFit was born out of a mission to use genetics to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives, turning scientific information into user-friendly, highly personalised and easy to understand health insights for everyday life. The inspiration for DNAFit came from consumers being faced with a confusing world of contradictory ‘fad diets’ and ‘one size fits all’ solutions. By harnessing the power of DNA with a simple saliva swab, we have helped over 100,000 people take control of their lives by providing the most personalised nutrition and fitness insights possible.

In 2018 Prenetics, a $50mUSD genetic company backed by Alibaba and based in Hong Kong, acquired DNAFit. Together, twe have achieved true global scale, with the brand accelerating its mission to offer consumers a sustainable wellness proposition for every step of their life. By democratising the world of preventative health, at Prenetics we can give everyone, no matter their background, the opportunity to take control of their personal wellness.


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