Innovation Award

2 April 2019

The Innovation category recognises pioneers in early-stage start-ups for standalone solutions to help citizens take charge of their health and wellbeing, as well as smart applications that enrich the relationship between people and their carers (whether health professionals, friends or family). 
It’s been shaped through the advice of our Expert Working Group who are underpinned by Core Values, embracing human-centredness, inclusivity, transparency and trustworthiness.

We were looking for bold, transformative ideas that are original, break boundaries and change expectations of what we can all do to take charge of our health and wellbeing. Entries were judged on how the innovator has created a compelling and irresistible application. It also had to be tried and tested on a larger scale to demonstrate its potential value and impact in making a sustainable difference to people’s lives, as well as addressing significant unmet needs in society.

Chronomics - is making the unseen actionable using cutting edge epigenetics and AI to track how our bodies are ageing and how our lifestyles and environments are impacting us over time. We see a future where everyone can understand the WHY and WHAT NEXT for their health. Epigenetics transforms DNA testing in time and space into the ultimate tool for personalised, proactive, and preventative healthcare

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GenieConnect® - Imagine a future of extended healthy independence for older adults. Service Robotics Ltd is launching GenieConnect®, an intelligent, deeply personalised robot companion service supporting independent living with companionship & connectivity.

The Genie robot is completely voice-enabled and amongst its features will connect you to a dedicated 24/7 Care Centre with a simple command so you can see and talk to a real person any time you need support.

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The Whistle - Our solution measures patient's Pulse Wave using a smartphone camera and the flashlight stimulated by a controlled respiratory maneuver.

The result of the test is a clear picture of current Heart Failure (HF) status described by Heart Rate (HR) VS Pulse Pressure (PP) curves as a graphic feedback end estimation of clinical parameters used by cardiologists.
Apart from early HF detection it allows any Health Care Professional (HCP) to have a real time feedback on the efficacy of the prescribed Heart Failure medical treatment.


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