Mobility and Accessibility Challenge

2 April 2019

Tomo (2019 Winner) - is an app that uses the power of online community to build habits that keep users healthy. The app helps users work out what activities will help them build a healthier life and helps to schedule them on a regular basis to turn them into habits. Users then share photos of these activities with Tomo’s community motivating themselves to do more and inspiring others to do the same. Healthy habits are simple, everyday activities (having a glass of water or meeting up with a friend) and doing them regularly builds resilience to long-term health conditions like depression, diabetes and chronic pain conditions. The app is based on leading therapeutic techniques, combined with the healthy aspects of social media, and multiple studies show Tomo helps people do more, and feel better.

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isoshealth - was established to help individuals smash their own personal health goals. This innovative platform gives its users the ability to choose and work with Dietitians, Physiotherapists and Psychologists. isoshealth is the first digital platform of its kind in the United Kingdom. Using secure one to one video consultations, isoshealth customers are able to schedule online video-chat appointments wherever they feel most comfortable: at home, work, on holiday or on-the-go, all at times to suit them. Customers can choose to work with one Practitioner, or a team of all 3 to work on Diet, Body and Mind together.

The kind of detailed joined-up thinking previously only available to professional athletes or celebrities. Focusing on mind, body and nutrition with tailored, personalised advice means no more one size fits all, you are expertly guided to great health. Connecting with highly qualified practitioners with an average of 10 years of experience, users feel safe, secure and confident with their knowledge and support to be healthier and happier. Backed by leaders in health, fitness and sport, isoshealth, is supported by an Advisory Board including Olympic athlete Paula Radcliffe MBE, Head of Therapy Services at Everton Football Club Danny Donachie, Dietitian Mariette Abrahams and Psychologist Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma. isoshealth offers its customers the best chance of achieving their health goals – whatever they may be, with the personal support to make them stick.

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Lechal - Risk and fear of falling increases substantially among people aged 60 and above. Reducing mobility and slow or inconsistent gait causes people to reduce walking activity, which in turn results in further gait problems to the point that it becomes a vicious cycle. Lechal is a wearable footwear product by Ducere Technologies, India, aimed at reducing fall risk & increasing physical activity among seniors. It is a smart insole with advanced gait and balance measurement capabilities and connects via Bluetooth with a mobile app.

This product revolutionizes the elderly healthcare sector by making the clinical mobility, gait and balance assessments insole assisted & accessible at home, through its capability to maintain accuracy comparable to the Gold standard clinical devices. Post-assessment the app suggests customized 6-month home exercise program that helps improve mobility, strength, balance and endurance thereby helping reduce the risk of falling

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