The Breakout Award

31 May 2016


Ostom-I from 11 Health: The Ostom-I alert is a connected medical device. It is a sensor that sits on the outside of medical bags such as stoma bags and uses Bluetooth® technology to send output data to a phone, tablet or watch. Patients are then able to set multiple alarms to alert them as to when the bag is filling and prevent unwanted accidents. The sensor provides real-time output volume data from which the software can deliver real-time autonomous interventions. Specifically, by receiving this information healthcare professionals can prevent readmissions from common issues, such as dehydration.

Ostom-i won the Breakout Award category at the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards in 2016, where the public could vote on social media for the piece of health tech that has most embedded itself into people’s lives over the past year. Following this, they have been accepted onto the prestigious DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme and have entered into various partnership agreements with major centres in the United States. (

"Winning the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Breakout Award was very special to us. We entered never truly believing that we would win but we did. So to anyone hesitating before entering we would simply say go for it, apply today. We started from a hospital bed and so anything really is possible. These awards are the Launchpad to so many exciting opportunities." - Michael Seres, CEO of 11 Health


Lumo Lift from Lumo Bodytech: A posture-correcting device that clips under your collar and gently vibrates when it senses slouching. Suitable for everyday wear, the discreet sensor syncs with a smartphone to track hours of good posture, steps and calories. Since launching Lumo Lift, Lumo Bodytech has accumulated a large ‘posture database’, helping slouchers all over the world to take steps to improve their posture, whether at work or at home. (

StepJockey: An app to be used in conjunction with free-to-print stairway calorie signs which feature scannable QR codes help anyone easily track their stair climbing. Through crowdsourcing, StepJockey has enabled more than 8,000 stairways in 104 countries to be ‘stair rated’, with companies and councils challenging their staff to burn more calories conveniently in the workplace through a digital gamification platform. (