The Health and Care Award

31 May 2016


FoodMaestro: FoodMaestro is an intelligent search platform for food products offering healthcare providers a new way to engage with patients on diet and nutrition, based on personal requirements. It reduces administration time, enhances productivity and increases clinical time. The platform also enables healthcare providers to share their findings and diet sheets with their community and ensures dietary advice to patients is consistent across primary care, community care and hospital care. The technology has been developed with specialist input from the allergy and intolerance teams at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Winning the AXA PPP Health Tech & You, Health and Care Award has widened FoodMaestro’s exposure within the healthcare industry and enhanced its credibility when speaking to new partners and potential clients. AXA PPP healthcare is currently talking to FoodMaestro in connection with its Employee Health Gateway, an online portal which focuses on the needs of the individual employee for optimum health and wellbeing. (

"We are delighted that FoodMaestro has been recognised as a valuable addition to the new wave of tools helping health care providers and individuals take charge of their health. The Award has strengthened our launch strategy with exposure to leading industry experts and opened doors to new industry partnerships." - Dharmendra Patel, co-Founder of FoodMaestro


Preventicus GmbH: eHealth solutions for detecting and preventing lifestyle-related conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and burnout. The portal and app work by analysing the shape and variability of pulse waves taken with a standard smartphone camera or smartwatch, using algorithms based on biosignal analytics. Using decades of international cutting-edge research in the field of pulse wave analysis and bio-variability, Preventicus assesses risk based on the results of more than fifty clinical studies across reference data on over 25,000 patients, as well as joint ventures with a scientific advisory board consisting of leading medical practitioners. (

ClinTouch - Affigo-CIC: A smartphone-based platform for a range of m-health interventions designed to help people with serious mental illness to manage their own symptoms and prevent relapse. Serious mental illness (SMI: psychosis and schizophrenia) is a disorder where the onset is in early adult life, with 75% of those people having at least one relapse within five years, reducing life expectancy by 18 years on average. ClinTouch has been developed with service users, NHS clinicians and an academic team with software engineers at the University of Manchester. It works as a personalised smartphone application which triggers, collects and wirelessly uploads symptom data to a central server several times daily and can be used over extended periods by people with SMI. (