The Problem/Solution Award

31 May 2016


Psyomics: Psyomics, a biotech start-up, is developing a range of quantified health solutions, clinical diagnostics and research tools for the prevention and early identification of mental health concerns. The team is currently developing Tresilio; an app that brings together wearable sensors, psychological profiling and biomarker data to empower individuals to improve their psychological resilience through education and interventions. Mental health problems are the single largest cause of disability in the UK for individuals in today’s workplace.

As well as winning the Problem/Solution Award category of the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2016, Psyomics was overall winner of Innovate UK’s IC tomorrow Quantified Health competition, awarding them a prize of £35,000 and qualified them for automatic entry to the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards.

Doors have opened for Psyomics since winning the Awards, with the opportunity to work with AXA PPP healthcare to progress an initial release of Tresilio, focusing the product on the needs of the corporate environment. The first trial will start in October 2016. (

"The AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards have been a transformative experience for us at this early stage of the company. The opportunity to build relationships with the AXA PPP healthcare team and understand their commercial needs has helped us focus on delivering a relevant initial product in a rapid timeframe." - Dan Cowell, CEO Psyomics


Aseptika Limited (BuddyWOTCH): A smartwatch device that solves known problems of continuous monitoring of oxygen levels in COPD patients by motivating physical activity and recording medication, food and liquid intake. BuddyWOTCH (Walking Oxygen Temperature Camera Heartrate) accurately forewarns of possible respiratory failure and therefore through early intervention allows patients and their families to self-manage their condition at home and avoid acute exacerbations. It is supported by consumer health monitoring devices and apps. (

Hip Impact Protection Ltd: This is wearable technology embedded in hip protectors to detect all falls reliably and without false alarms. The hip protectors absorb over 70% of the force of a fall preventing virtually all fractures of the hip. If the faller does not rise quickly to their feet an alarm message is sent via a Bluetooth link to the users mobile. The device records all steps and can display a histogram of recent activity on the mobile. If no activity is detected for some time, an alarm message can be sent allowing the user to remain safely in their own home, while being monitored. (