The AXA PPP Health Tech & You Challenge

19 September 2018

AXA PPP healthcare understands the many health and wellbeing challenges people experience. For the third year, AXA PPP Health Tech & You highlights the most pressing current challenges and invites the health tech community to say how their innovations are best placed to tackle them. This year, in partnership with innovation accelerator The Bakery, this category is looking for the next big innovation that will help people live life well by managing their own health – technologies that inspire people to stay healthy, get better or support them when they’re unwell. As people are increasingly digitally connected, this category is looking for digital tools, applications and devices that will support people in sickness and in health; not only helping them get better, but keeping them healthy in the first place.


Affinity: A connected device for people with cancer to monitor their blood cell counts from home. Low blood counts are a common side effect of chemotherapy. White blood cells defend the body from infection and low white blood cell counts can result in serious infection and problematic delays to chemotherapy treatment. From a simple finger prick test, Affinity can help people identify if blood cell counts are dropping whilst they are at home in between chemotherapy cycles. This can help avoid infection and keep treatment on track. Affinity provides a supportive link between patient and clinician by automatically sharing results. (


Calm Harm: A smartphone app developed by Dr Krause, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, that helps children and young people manage their urge to self-harm. It provides tasks that help resist or manage that urge. Users can add their own tasks and it’s completely private and password protected. The four categories of tasks target the main reasons why people self-harm: Distract helps combat the urge by learning self-control; Control helps to care rather than harm; Express helps to get feelings out in a different way; Release provides safe alternatives to self-injury. (

Kokoon Technology: The idea for Kokoon came about in 2015 as a result of countless sleepless nights. The Kokoon team, frustrated with the lack of physical, natural sleep aids and people’s tendency to turn to medication, began working on a design for comfortable, sleep-sensing headphones to create a sleep sanctuary. Kokoon’s sleep-aiding audio technology helps the user to rest, relax and focus. Using clinically validated audio relaxation therapies and state of the art EEG sensors, it adapts to the user and their environment; quietening as they fall asleep, reacting to the sounds around and learning what helps the user rest and relax. (