The Trending Award

31 May 2017

Health tech is making a genuine difference to people’s lives right now. This category is keeping a close eye on which products are being raved about on social media and finding health tech that has been winning fans and improving people’s health and wellbeing.


MyAsthma: An app designed to help people living with asthma understand more about themselves and their condition, and to help to manage it. The app works in several ways; the asthma control test (ACT) that helps people understand how well controlled their asthma is; tracking medicine usage and asthma attacks to help communication between themselves and their healthcare professional. It also connects to the user’s everyday life; learning what triggers their asthma from location, weather and air quality, offering useful advice in these situations. MyAsthma is the first pharma-supported Grade 1 Medical Device as a smartphone app. (


Livesmart: Developing chronic disease. A LiveSmart health assessment helps individuals to understand how healthy they are today so that they make beneficial changes for their health tomorrow. All aspects of internal health are looked at using blood tests, and relating the results back to a person’s everyday nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. Results are presented on a user-friendly dashboard that helps people understand their health and enables them to track progress, working towards long term lifestyle goals. ( You can purchase a LiveSmart health assessment on our health store, Active Plus here.

Kardia Mobile: Smaller than a credit card, Kardia Mobile allows people to check their heart rhythm regularly and to find out automatically in just 30 seconds if things are normal or if medical attention should be sought. This is particularly important for millions at risk of arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems), which may be symptom-free and yet can result in potentially fatal outcomes such as a stroke. According to media outlet, The Lancet up to 90% of strokes could be prevented through earlier proactive measures. The device easily attaches to smartphones, making it convenient to always have with you. (