The Wow! Award

31 May 2017

It was not possible to actually enter this category, but instead it’s made up of the truly standout, disruptive innovations entered into other categories. The entries that will have everyone talking. There are always a few and they’ve found their way into this category


HealthUnlocked: The largest social network for health in the world. Each month millions of people are supported to improve their health through online peer support and self-management in over 600 health and wellbeing online communities. HealthUnlocked partners with hundreds of patient advocacy organisations and charities within these communities, providing them with support, expertise and moderation, and offers a range of unique solutions to organisations and businesses, specialising in access to an active health-focused audience. (


Inspair: A smart solution to enhance asthma self-management and improve treatment outcomes. In addition to reconnecting patients and doctors, Inspair provides daily feedback on inhaler use and misuse, as well as helpful information on environmental factors. Its smart sensor measures the breath-hand co-ordination, speed of inspiration and doses inhaled, providing a clear picture of the inhalation process and feedback to help patients improve their inhalation technique. (

MABLE: A personalised care management system for older adults, people with dementia and their families to improve their quality of life; monitoring loneliness, depression, anxiety and safety. MABLE Care is a mobile app (phone, tablet and smartwatch) that monitors ambient observations; text, speech, video and eye tracking. Personalised feedback helps carers to engage positively, communicate regularly and reduce isolation. (