The Coaching Challenge

31 May 2018

This category aims to discover technologies and solutions that can deliver an engaging experience to people who are attempting a lifestyle change and to motivate them to keep to their goals.


Racefully: A connected social fitness platform that enables businesses, charities and other organisations to engage with their audience, build active communities, and get everyone exercising together virtually across the world. The app provides a supportive, rewarding and intimately connected experience for all users, whether they want to race each other, train together, or just exercise socially with friends. From a first run to a first marathon, Racefully’s live running technology is designed to help runners achieve their goals through social support and friendly competition. (

Sidekick: An employee wellness platform that combines behavioural economics, gaming technology, artificial intelligence and personal coaching to predict, prevent and manage lifestyle-related diseases. It looks at different aspects of wellbeing such as nutrition, exercise, mental health and physical health, and helps users to manage their health and lifestyle using gamification. Behind the platform is a team of clinicians who combine evidence-based research, coaching and technology to personalise people management. (

Meal IQ: A meal planning app that uses artificial intelligence to help users search, plan and shop for meals suited to individual budgets, food intolerances, macro nutrient targets and taste preferences. Meal IQ automatically adds them to your online grocery shopping basket. (