The Mental Health in the Workplace Challenge

31 May 2018

This category has an objective to better support employees’ mental wellbeing and is looking for solutions that can monitor day-to-day behaviours and flag up early signs of mental health conditions.


SENSIKS - Sensory Reality Pod: A pod where people can enjoy full-sensory experiences in a closed environment. The pod provides sensory experiences designed to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety as well as more general relaxation in order to help the workforce with stress and burnout in the workplace. In the Sensory Reality Pod, audio-visual content (virtual reality, 360° video and film) is enriched with scent, varied temperature, air flow, vibrations, taste and light frequency, resulting in an immersive mixed reality experience. Feedback on stress levels is received from a biometric headband measuring brain waves, measurement of heart rate and skin conductance. (

Emoquo: An app for employees that gives them personalised digital coaching to deal with common issues like being micro-managed, being undermined, moaning and gossiping as well as bullying and harassment. The app digitally replicates a coaching session using coaching questions, prompts and self-reflection techniques, giving you personalised and contextual guidance, based on input from over 25 coaches and therapists, about how to deal with your particular challenge. Data from the app provides management with a real-time heat map, revealing insights into the issues employees are seeking advice on and, therefore, where the 'hot spots’ are. This allows managers to make proactive interventions at a group or division level, improve the culture and increase the emotional and mental wellbeing of their workforce. (

Performetric: A real-time monitoring system that facilitates the management of mental fatigue in the workplace, aiming to improve the user’s physical and mental wellness, individual performance and productivity. The user’s mental fatigue is tracked by an algorithm based on several variables acquired from the user’s interaction pattern with their keyboard, mouse and trackpad. This interaction pattern will be specific to the task performed and can be adapted to each user and their user requirements. Performetric facilitates the monitoring of mental fatigue while providing recommendations for better workforce management, increasing employee retention and productivity. (