Staying Independent with Tech Challenge

31 May 2018

This category aims to find technologies which can help monitor and subsequently alert (in case of emergency) a caregiver when one of their users is in distress.


SafeMotion: SafeMotion is a wearable GPS alerting device, allowing users to not only raise alerts inside the home, but also on the go, thanks to a built-in roaming SIM. The features of the watch are flexible and can be adjusted to the watch wearer and family’s requirements, through a mobile app and online portal. Features include raising an alert to pre-selected contacts, who can then request to see the watch wearer’s location, geo-fencing (allowing safe areas to be set, with alerts raised should the watch wearer leave this location), calls to the watch, with optional auto answer, reminders (such as medication or appointments) and text messages which can be sent to the watch at any time. This allows the watch wearer to respond through voice, which is then received by the sender to listen to. (

Techsixtyfour - My Gator Watch: My Gator Watch is a wearable mobile phone and tracker made for the elderly and children which can be used almost anywhere in the world. The device looks like a modern but simple watch which can make and receive calls to and from up to 13 trusted numbers. It can also track users with both GPS outdoors and WiFi indoors, connect to multiple networks in most countries and weighs in at only 40g. The device is splash proof and has a 4-day standby battery life. Techsixtyfour provides 24/7 customer assistance to My Gator Watch users in case of network or watch faults. (

Blocks Wearables - Modular Sensor Platform: Blocks is a modular wristband with a built-in sensor platform for elderly care. Its remote monitoring service provides users with access to emergency services straight from their wrists, with communication and location tracking features inside and outside the home, ensuring help is always a few seconds away. Starting with the core device, additional services are also available through plug-and-play sensors that enable the collection of biometric, environment and other kinds of information. (