Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs Award

31 May 2018

This category aims to support women who are changing the way people think about their health and how to care for others.

We are working with Our Mobile Health and Collider Health with support from other partners including One HealthTech and Women of Wearables to discover exciting and innovative health technology that has been designed and pioneered by women.

While half the world’s population is female, and most health decisions are carried out by women only 9% of health tech businesses are founded by women , just 9% of investment into UK start-ups goes to female founders , and a mere 17% of the UK technology sector is female. These statistics need to change and we want to help the shift by supporting women and celebrating their achievements in health technology.

We searched for women who have developed an innovative product or service for consumers to manage and/or improve their health and wellbeing - it doesn’t matter what the health tech is, as long as it helps people live happier healthier lives! 


iBreve: A wearable device which helps people to improve their stress resilience by analysing breathing patterns in real-time. It detects prolonged phases of shallow breathing, optimises the respiratory rate and guides through breathing and relaxation exercises. iBreve focuses initially on women's health & well-being and can be easily attached to any regular bra. A machine-learning algorithm correlates breathing rate, activity and stress level, and can trigger a subtle vibration directly on the device or send a notification to the user’s phone. (www.ibreve.com)

BrightSign: A smart glove which translates sign language to text and speech. BrightSign enables the direct interaction between sign language users and the general public by providing two-way communication which eliminates the need for an accompanying interpreter or family member. It is equipped with machine learning software which allows each user to train the glove to their custom signs and individual variations of the sign language library. BrightSign is paired with an app to enable the user to choose the speech language of the glove (English, French, Arabic, etc.) so it can be used in many countries. (www.brightsignglove.com)

 The world's most responsive postural support system for wheelchair users, empowering users to be more independent in their daily lives. The remote-controlled system adjusts inflatable air cells to provide support for a range of physical conditions. It is the first device of its kind to grow with the user through its expandable frame. Aergo has been user-tested with young patients from the neuromuscular division of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and numerous local schools. (www.aergo.co.uk)