Connected insulin pump helps diabetes patients to self-manage

9 August 2017

insulin pump.png

With an estimated 4.5 million people living with diabetes across the nation, according to Diabetes UK1 , the demand for solutions is ever increasing. Diabetes is currently estimated to cost the NHS around £10 billion, which is 10% of the entire NHS budget2 . One such company who has recognised this demand is Cellnovo, shortlisted finalist of the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017.

Connected mobile monitoring

Cellnovo is a small and detachable connected insulin pump, which allows people with diabetes to administer insulin continuously, while also monitoring blood glucose and exercise levels, and tracking meals via an integrated food library. The pump is controlled by a large, colour touchscreen handset that is as easy to use as a smartphone.

Thanks to the automatic transmission of data from the handset to the online platform, patients can access their data at any time, from anywhere, and can also grant access to family members and healthcare professionals, to allow greater peace of mind.

Importance of self-management

Julian Shapley, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cellnovo, reiterates the importance of self-management for conditions such as diabetes: “Like many other chronic conditions, it is important to empower people to enable them to make decisions regarding their daily management. How one decides to manage their diabetes is a very personal choice.”

Cellnovo allows patients to evaluate their condition against target goals, which can lead to lasting changes in behaviour. Julian adds: “This is what we strive to do with our mobile diabetes management system: Empower patients so that they can take control of their condition and live their lives to the full.”

Success after the Awards

Since the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017, Cellnovo has reached a number of milestones, the first being the expansion of their international distribution network to six new markets with agreements signed in Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

The second milestone is the announcement of an expanded agreement with Flex, Cellnovo’s manufacturing partner, to build a second production line, which will increase the total production capacity of insulin cartridges and significantly reduce cost of production.

What’s next for Cellnovo?

Just recently, a financing agreement for up to €20 million from the European Investment Bank has been announced for Cellnovo. “This financing will help us to accelerate our research and development projects, as well as increasing our production capacity to meet strong market demand for our connected micro-pump,” Sophie Baratte, Chief Executive Officer of Cellnovo, comments.

Additionally, in November 2016 Cellnovo filed for 510(k) approval with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is a process which would allow marketing clearance of the Cellnovo device, with an approval expected over the next few months.

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2Hex, N et al (2012). Estimating the current and future costs of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in the United Kingdom, including direct health costs and indirect societal and productivity costs. Diabetic Medicine. 29 (7); 855–862. [Date Accessed: 10 July 2017]