A dietitian finds the right app for patients with food allergies and intolerance problems.

17 February 2017


FoodMaestro – AXA PPP Health Tech & You 2016 finalist

“What I usually do is recommend the app to patients if they are someone who already regularly uses apps on their smartphone, I explain that it is a handy tool to learn more about the low FODMAP diet and it is really useful in that the videos give a lot more detail than what is possible in a one hour consultation. From a patient perspective the feedback I have had is that the bar code scanner is the most useful aspect of the app and I believe that due to the ease of being able to check suitable products that patients are more compliant on the diet when they use the app which in turn leads to a greater symptom response. I also use the app to guide patients on the reintroduction phase, it is helpful in that there are prompts in the phone each day during a challenge phase advising patients what portion and what food they should be challenging with that day. I do still think patients need to seek guidance from a dietician so that their diet as a whole can be assessed and patient specific advice can be provided but the app really does help to simplify what has previously been perceived as a complicated diet to follow.”