Hand-held blood test device designed to help cancer patients

30 August 2017

When receiving treatment for cancer, often doctors will want to check blood cell counts to see how the body is functioning and responding to therapy. However, this means less time at home and more trips to the hospital rather than spending time recovering between chemotherapy cycles.

White blood cells defend the body from infection and low white blood cell counts can result in serious infection and problematic delays to chemotherapy treatment.

One innovator looking to change this is health tech company, Entia, which has developed a device called Affinity that can be used to measure blood cell counts at home.

Measuring blood with a finger prick

Affinity is a simple finger prick test, designed to help users and their doctors keep an eye on the side effects of cancer therapy. It allows doctors to better schedule appointments and personalise treatment based on how the body is responding.

Millie Clive-Smith, COO of Entia, explains that Affinity effectively acts as a mini hospital lab. “This mini lab is placed into the palm of your hand. We believe that having accurate blood results at your fingertips empowers individuals to take control of their health and enables better healthcare.”

Allowing cancer patients to self-monitor

Affinity is the only self-testing device capable of providing red and white blood cell counts alongside platelets from a single drop of blood. Millie adds: “Affinity is designed to be so simple to use that it does not require trained medical professionals, meaning that patients can undertake their own tests within the home.”

The device provides a supportive link between patient and clinician by automatically sharing results.

Success after the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards

Since winning the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards, Entia has continued working closely with the Royal Marsden Hospital, in London, to engage with both patients and healthcare workers to continue development of Affinity. Next year, Affinity will be commencing clinical trials with the Royal Marsden in order to evaluate its impact for service transformation in cancer treatment pathways.

Additionally, Affinity has gained significant interest with individuals, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Entia will also be launching another product, Aptus, in October to assist anaemia sufferers around the world.

Millie adds: “All of Entia's devices are designed to give medically accurate results where people do not have access to a hospital lab, whether it’s people at home or in resource limited environments.”