A health tech solution to prevent Parkinson’s patients from experiencing the phenomena of feeling ‘glued to the ground’

10 March 2017


"Having seen the difficulties of managing the various aspects of Parkinson's first-hand, I found Walk With Path's problem-centric approach to alleviating some of Parkinson's most debilitating symptoms such as freezing of gait extremely refreshing and promising. In particular, the Path Finder product aims to address the "Freezing of Gait" (FOG) phenomena seen in some Parkinson's patients. FOG can be notoriously difficult to manage, often resistant to medication, furthermore, there is yet no consensus on its underlying pathophysiology. 

Path's solution is to provide a visual cue for patient's with FOG in the form of a laser-projected target line for the patient to aim for with each step. The device provides a calibrated visual cue to break the cognitive cycle of freezing, and studies with early prototypes in Holland have demonstrated very promising results. As the current hypothetical treatments involve complex drug regimes or deep brain electrodes, I am excited to see the potential impact such an elegant, non-invasive solution will have on the way we manage Parkinson's Disease." 

Ernest Lim about Walk With Path - AXA PPP Health Tech & You 2016 finalist