Innovative tech helps to improve health of the British workforce

22 June 2017

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With over half (57%) of the British workforce open to monitoring their health with technology at work according to the latest AXA PPP Health Tech & You State of the Nation survey, there is a growing demand for technology to help employees do just that. Additionally, a NICE report revealed that sickness absence in Britain costs the economy an estimated £15 billion per year , including lost productivity and time spent on absence management.

Mapping company-wide health using tech

This is where technology such as LiveSmart comes in. The company provides a platform for businesses and consumers to help employees and individuals make significant improvements to their health. It provides ongoing health assessments which take a comprehensive look at internal health using quick blood tests as well as everyday nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices including data from wearables such as FitBit. These results are presented on an easy-to-use dashboard which provides users with an overall landscape of their health. 

LiveSmart anonymously collates the data of all employees for businesses that are using the service to give them an overall picture of their company-wide health. LiveSmart’s team of doctors and dietitians help to clarify the data to ensure bosses make informed decisions about where to make changes to improve their company’s health and well-being. 

Changing lifestyle to improve overall health

Alex Heaton, Founder of LiveSmart, recognises the impact lifestyle related diseases are having on people’s health and this is where LiveSmart plays a part in helping to change behaviour. ‘We want to play a key role in reducing these diseases by creating an effective and affordable behavioural change platform,’ he says. 

As part of their strategy to help employees self-manage their overall health, they also incorporate bespoke health coaching as part of their health improvement programmes. This helps users make reasonable and achievable monthly objectives that work towards long-term goals, as well as figuring out personalised strategies for change that fit with and enhance their lifestyle.

‘By giving individuals and businesses access to the information needed to monitor their health and the tools to support them in making significant improvement to their health, LiveSmart can make a huge impact in tackling chronic, lifestyle related illnesses,’ Alex adds.

Success after the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards

After being shortlisted for the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017, Alex explains that LiveSmart have been working on expanding its operations further afield as a result of exposure from the awards. ‘We’ve had a number of high profile corporate sales meetings from which we hope to bring in new revenue streams.’

Alex adds: ‘We’re continuing to build on our relationship with AXA PPP healthcare and are excited about future collaborations.’