Memory app helps people with dementia to live independently

5 September 2017

With 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, the number of people potentially experiencing memory loss is increasing across the nation, according to Alzheimer’s UK. Memory loss is a common symptom of conditions such as dementia, as well as brain injury and stroke, which can be distressing and lead to a loss of independence.

Promoting independence

Providing those with memory loss a tool to help them live independently is AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards finalist Memrica’s app ‘Prompt’. Prompt has been designed with people living with early dementia and brain injury, their carers and clinical experts and can be used by anyone concerned about memory problems.

The app looks like a visual diary and is designed to emulate the way memory works. It shows photos and linked mini profiles of people and places summarising the user’s past history with them. This information is attached to reminders, which helps people get ready for each day as they can immediately access this background information to boost confidence. The information from the app can also be securely shared with family and carers.

Detecting changes in behaviour  

Mary Matthews, Director of Memrica, explains that the main mission of the organisation is to help those with memory problems as soon as symptoms begin, in order to prevent further deterioration. To help remove the stigma around memory loss, the products are not identified as medical, instead being a tool to aid independence.

“Actively taking steps to maintain memory health can help people regain their emotional balance as well as ensuring they feel prepared for their day, to continue to live life the way they want to,” she adds.

Prompt will detect changes in patterns of behaviour to alert users and their families that discussion about the future may be needed. While Prompt is not a diagnostic service, it is always accessible and may highlight issues users might like to discuss with a clinical specialist.

Success after the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards

After being shortlisted for the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017, Prompt has since been released on the App Store in June, seeing an average 25% weekly growth rate.

In addition to the Health Tech & You Awards, Memrica has been nominated for an Aspirin Social Innovation Award by the Bayer Foundation and joined the organisation’s Social Impact conference stream at Tech Open Air in Berlin.

“Memrica will also release versions of Prompt for a number of conditions going forward, such as stroke, brain injury and chemotherapy as well as one for anyone who feels they need help in organising their day and remembering how they know people,” adds Mary.

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