AXA HT&Y 2018 Category Finalists

10 April 2018


Ground-breaking innovations announced

The finalists from two of this year’s AXA Health Tech & You Awards categories have been announced today. The Innovations in the Early Diagnosis of Dementia Award is in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs award is partnering with Our Mobile Health and Collider Health. The former category is identifying the latest health tech to help with the early diagnosis of dementia and the latter, showcasing tech pioneered by female developers

Since these categories were opened at the launch of Year 4 of AXA Health Tech & You in October 2017, there has been a relentless pursuit to discover new and emerging health tech, culminating in over 75 entries, which have now been shortlisted to just three per category. The categories are:

Innovations in the Early Diagnosis of Dementia Award, in partnership with Alzheimer’s Research UK, aims to identify the development of technology innovation and design that can support the diagnosis of diseases underpinning dementia. The category finalists are:

Wearable devices and disease-specific mobile apps to provide remote patient monitoring, capturing subtle differences in ambulation and sleeping patterns to help detect early signs of dementia

A 5-minute integrated cognitive assessment tool that tests the performance of large areas of the brain and has the potential to be a highly effective dementia screening tool

A concept-stage system that aims to detect changes in physical and social behaviour as an early indicator for dementia.

Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs Award celebrates and supports women pioneering innovative health technology, working with Our Mobile Health and Collider Health, Women of Wearable and One Health Tech UK to showcase and encourage female entrepreneurs in the health tech arena. The category finalists are:

A smart glove which translates sign language to text and speech, enabling communication for non-verbal individuals

Postural support system for wheelchair users to empower them to be more independent in their daily lives

Wearable that detects prolonged phases of shallow breathing, alerts the user and helps regulate breaths to improve stress resilience.

Richard Cooper, Head of Digital, AXA PPP healthcare, states:

“We are very excited about the ground-breaking innovations coming through these two new categories marking the fourth year of AXA Health Tech & You. The Innovations in the Early Detection of Dementia Award addresses a real need for health tech to help detect the early signs of dementia, speeding up a formal diagnosis and giving symptom-lessening treatments the chance to make a difference to people’s quality of life.”

To align with the Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs categories, an OnePoll survey¹ was commissioned looking at people’s perceptions of women in the tech industry. The survey found that over half (53%) of people surveyed felt the tech industry was male-dominated, with 66% saying that employing more women in the tech sector would attract more female applicants. To encourage women to start a business in the technology sector, 43% said that more girls/women should be encouraged to study STEM subjects, with 55% of men and women surveyed feeling that more women entering the tech sector would help to develop better solutions.

“We are proud to be celebrating female entrepreneurs in the health tech space, showcasing innovative devices designed by women. From monitoring breathing to help combat stress, to solutions that encourage increased inclusivity and everyday comfort for people managing conditions, we’ve seen some inspirational and consumer-focused innovations coming through the Women in Health Tech Entrepreneurs Award category.

We would like to thank our category partners and everyone who entered this year’s Awards. We congratulate those who have been shortlisted and look forward to revealing the winners at the Awards ceremony in May”, added Cooper.

The shortlisted finalists from four Challenge categories will be announced at the beginning of May and all category winners will be announced at a prestigious Awards ceremony to be held at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London on 9th May 2018. All 18 finalists will be showcased at an exclusive Media Preview at the same venue also on 9th May.