HT&Y Awards Launch Event – New Challenges & Finalist Release

28 November 2017


AXA Health Tech & You, in partnership with innovation agency The Bakery, has launched two new exciting categories in the Challenge series

The two Challenges are looking for technology to help the elderly stay independent for longer and support women experiencing the menopause

Two new Challenges have been announced as part of the AXA Health Tech & You Awards at Barclays Eagle Labs - Barclays' collaborative and creative workspace. In partnership with innovation agency The Bakery, the challenges will run over 3 months and will focus on recognising and helping to bridge gaps in healthcare, including:

Helping the elderly to be independent for longer; providing a layer of safety and security in the home in case of an emergency

Better support women managing hormone-related health issues in their body, especially those experiencing menopause

According to the Office for National Statistics, the population in the UK is getting increasingly older with 18% aged 65 and over . With that, there is a growing need for devices and services which can improve the overall independence and wellbeing of the older population.

This Challenge is looking for a holistic technology solution for the elderly population, which would discretely integrate into a user’s daily life, providing monitoring and assistance when required.

Additionally, according to Menopause UK, 1 in 4 women say symptoms of the menopause are severe enough to have an impact on their daily life, with 3 in 4 women saying they don’t know enough about HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to make an informed choice2

This Challenge is looking for technology which will help women to gain control of their own health by giving them the ability to easily and accurately track their own hormone levels and make informed decisions regarding treatment.

Dr Louise Newson, GP and menopause expert, said:

“Doctors often diagnose the menopause using a more holistic approach, such as looking at the signs and symptoms, rather than just going straight to a blood test. In the last 5 years, there has been increased demand for apps

Additionally, there is now a demand for technology which can offer advice about treatment and adjusting your lifestyle to help manage symptoms.”

Richard Cooper, Head of Digital at AXA PPP healthcare, states:

“The AXA Health Tech & You Challenges, in partnership with The Bakery, allow us to identify and focus on specific areas of health technology which are not currently being addressed, or not being addressed effectively.

This year, we are running these categories slightly differently; they will take place over 3 months and will focus on specific challenges that have come through from speaking directly to our customers and to the broader UK population.”

As well as launching these two new Challenges, finalists from previous AXA Health Tech & You Challenges - The Coaching Challenge and The Mental Health in the Workplace Challenge - were showcased at the event. These previous challenges also took place in the Barclays Eagle Labs in late 2017.

1. Office for National Statistics, (2017). Overview of the UK population [online] Page 2. Available at: [Accessed: 24th January 2018].

2. Menopause UK (2017). Menopause In Numbers [online] Available at: [Accessed 24th January 2017].