Staying Independent with Tech Challenge

4 October 2017

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We are searching for technologies which can help monitor and subsequently alert (in case of emergency) a caregiver when one of their users is in distress.

The UK healthcare market is currently comprised of 18 million consumers who are aged 60 and over, 97% of whom are not open to being put in a care home. AXA PPP therefore wants to find a solution which safeguards their customers’ independence whilst simultaneously providing a layer of support in case of emergency.

The current basic device, for inside the home, is a button which hangs around the user’s neck or wrist and sends a radio signal to a box connected to their landline telephone. When triggered, the box calls the emergency service who speak to the customer through a loudspeaker to understand the nature of the emergency and how they may best help. However, there are limitations to this device: most importantly the alarm is only raised if the customer is within 50 metres of home and even closer for a voice conversation to take place. The device also lacks further functionality and is not aesthetically desirable.

We have identified an increased level of support outside the home (to mirror the level that they currently have inside the house) as a priority area for improvement.

In this way, as a suitable first step in the search to improve the overall elder care experience, we are looking for technologies which could provide a layer of safety and security both inside and outside of the user’s home. This could either combine existing technologies or utilize a new solution which provides a holistic care offering for the customer.

Solutions of interest

  1. A wearable device which functions both inside and outside a user’s home, with the ability to communicate with the caregiver/emergency services.
  2. A scalable holistic technology solution which is integrated into a user’s daily life, providing monitoring and assistance when required.
  3. A technological means for an individual’s family/primary carer to monitor their day to day activity in unobtrusive manner.

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