Women Entrepreneurs in Health Tech Series

16 January 2018


Tania Boler, CEO and Co-Founder, Elvie  

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How would you describe your journey in health tech?

I've been working in health education and promotion for 15 years - both in the U.N and at Marie Stopes International. I never planned or dreamt of running a technology company. I just saw a big health problem (pelvic floor health) which was clearly preventable with better exercise. The more I researched the issue, I realised what was missing was any robust technology to support women, so I started Elvie!

What were the triggers and sources of inspiration that launched you on your journey? Did anyone particularly inspire you? (Man or woman)

My father was a serial entrepreneur and he always pushed me to believe I could do anything.

Do you think being a woman made it harder or easier as an entrepreneur?

We are building the first ever global women's tech brand so being a woman is definitely an advantage as we aren't only changing technology but conversations and how technology helps us understand our -female -bodies better

What is your ‘special power’ that you use when you need to get round a challenge?

Tunnel vision! I just stop thinking and keep going until I get what I need!

How do you relax? What do you do to recharge?

I love exercise and am lucky to have a Ten Health opposite my office so try to go a couple of lunchtimes a week for reformer Pilates.

What advice would you give a 14 year old girl knowing what you know now? What would you say to your younger self when you first started to think about "what do I want to be when I grow up?

We waste far too much energy worrying about what people think about us. Most of the time, people don't even care! In terms of career advice - there is definitely never just one perfect career. I've had two so far and plan on having at least another!

Do you think the future looks good for women in health tech? Why? Why not? What you think is exciting ahead? What exciting projects/innovations do you have in the pipeline?

It is a very exciting time to work on women's health tech. Basic womanhood - be it from periods or menopause to pregnancy and post-natal care, have been completely overlooked by technological advances. Women deserve better technology so it is an exciting space. With Elvie trainer, we just launched two years ago and have already changed the way women talk about normal issues like prolapse, bladders, vaginas and most importantly, we are helping women feel better and healthier through better technology.